Quality to hand

Pressmaster pioneered the application of ergonomics to the design of crimp tools. Together with a Swedish design group we have undertaken significant research to identify and reduce the risks of work related injuries to hands and wrists.

As a result of this research, our product development focuses on four key ergonomic design areas. In our latest product line we have succeeded in improving performance in all these areas, thereby taking hand tool ergonomics to a new level.

How your hand will benefit from the New Ergonomic Line:

  • Mechanical gain – Requires less handle force than any other tool currently available
  • Grip diameter – Optimized handle dimensions insure that the hand force requirements are well suited to the hand’s power
  • Mechanical stress concentration – Optimal ratio between mechanical gain and the spread and strength of the hand
  • Handle materials – Material hardness and surface texture are optimized for greatest comfort. Non-slip foot when leveraging the tool on work surface.